Day 1, 18th October 2017

Registration and morning coffee

Official opening of the Forum and a networking session

Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, Project Director, BLUE BUSINESS MEDIA
Paweł Wojciechowski, Business Director, PUBLICIS

The growing importance of Omnichannel and Marketplace in retail chains’ strategy

Moderator: Paweł Wojciechowski, Business Director, PERFORMICS (PUBLICIS MEDIA)

“Sell by Amazon”: how the Amazon sales platform helps small and medium enterprises in international expansion

Romit Choudhury, Head of Demand Strategy, Amazon Europe

Q&A Session

Retail 5.0 – an opportunity or risk? disturbance analysis

  • technological innovations, new store formats, competition on the market, changing consumer behaviour – Retail Apocalipse – where are Retail & Consumer Goods heading?

Jarosław Sokolnicki, Head of Industry Solutions, MICROSOFT

Q&A Session

How Allegro supports the development of Polish retail companies?

Michał Iwanciw, Sales director, ALLEGRO

Q&A Session

Coffee break

Create a single brand experience, meaning omnichannel strategy as seen by the Management – CEO discussion

  • who should be responsible for omnichannel in a company and how to structure it
  • how to make the difference between the channels imperceptible for the customer
  • how to build a single, coherent brand experience


  • Marcin Barański, President of the Management Board, VOX FURNITURE
  • Krzysztof Tomczyk, Vice President of the Management Board, TXM (REDAN GROUP)
  • Zbigniew Gonsior, Vice President, FERRO
  • Vit Endler, CEO, MALL.PL
  • Marek Czupryna, CEO, KOMEX (5.10.15.)

Chairman: Dorota Bachman, CEO, PWN GROUP E-COMMERCE / RAVELO LTD.

Q&A Session

Must have! Omnichannel in the Polish furniture industry, i.e. how to cope with the challenges posed by multiple channels

  • e-point’s market research results presentation
  • challenges faced by the industry
  • most commonly applied omnichannel solutions
  • inspiring case studies

Justyna Skorupska, Head of Business Consulting Europe, e-point

Q&A Session

Smart Square Meter

  • Retail Spaces Data Management Strategy
  • DaaS – Data as a Service

Alessandro Beda, Director, Digital Transformation Strategy Lead, PWC POLAND

Q&A Session

Lunch and splitting into 4 parallel sessions: create an agenda tailored to your needs

Grow through e-commerce: the crucial role of data

Moderator: Paweł Wojciechowski, Business Director, PUBLICIS

e-Commerce in the furniture industry – dilemmas and challenges faced by sellers

  • furniture e-commerce in Poland
    • where are we in comparison to the world market as well as other industries
    • perspectives and limitations
    • trends
  • who are our clients and how to meet their needs
    • the role of content in increasing conversion
    • the way to omnichannel with the example of Black Red White

Mariusz Nowak,e-Commerce & Omnichannel Director, BLACK RED WHITE

Q&A session

How to build competitive advantage with modern payment solutions

  • how to ensure our e-commerce shopping path is comfortable, fast and as safe as possible
  • how to be prepared to meet the ever-growing customer demands with regards to the newest payment methods

Jacek Kinecki, e-Commerce Sales Director, PRZELEWY24, Expert, CHAMBER OF DIGITAL ECONOMY

Q&A session

The path of conversion – I know what I pay for!

  • is the popular last click still an optimal solution?
  • changing trends in attribution models
  • new possibilities of measuring and rewarding partners

Patrycja Ścisłowska, Head of Business Development, AWIN

Q&A session

Data-fuelled campaigns – how Rainbow managed to increase on-line sales by a couple of dozen percent thanks to data analysis, integrating activities and personalization

  • a dedicated model of conversion attribution
  • Marketing Automation, using machine learning for data analysis
  • increasing on-line sales by several dozen percent

Michał Jaworski, e-Commerce Director, RAINBOW TOURS

Q&A session

Coffee break and start of the thematic tables

(Not) everyone knows who the client is – deliver your personalized messages at an appropriate time

Moderator: Bartosz Ratajewski, e-Commerce Director, MEDIAEXPERT.PL, ELECTRO.PL, AVANS.PL

Showrooming, webrooming ... how to use it?

  • is it worth fighting for?
  • how to “convert” consumer behavior into omnichannel sales

Małgorzata Olszewska, Strategic Director, Vice President of the Management Board, KAZAR

Q&A session

Building omnichannel strategy in an organization
case study Tatuum

  • do we really know what the clients expect
  • in-store shop assistants – the crucial element of success
  • the role of a loyalty program in an omnichannel strategy

Tomasz Łyżwa, e-Commerce Director, TATUUM

Q&A session

Make your shopping cart great again. Bring back the glamour of delivery options in the shopping cart.

  • does every customer need the same
  • mutual complementation of channels
  • targeted communication

Wojciech Kliber, Vice President of the Management, BLISKAPACZKA

Q&A session

Coffee break and start of the thematic tables

How to use on-line for off-line growth

Moderator: Marcin Gieracz, CEO&Strategy Director, RUBICOM

Towards on- and off-line synergy – how to achieve cohesion in actions and better respond to the customer needs

  • how to align a large organization to a new strategy
  • the client’s off- and on-line journeys

Joanna Kalinowska, Sales and Marketing Manager, JYSK NORDIC 
Emilia Sławek, Social Media & Digital Coordinator, JYSK NORDIC

Q&A session

From on-line to off-line, meaning when the e-commerce channel does not suffice anymore
case study CEWE

  • the “need” for a store in a shopping centre
  • synergy amongst channels – what have we gained

Tomasz Jędraszczyk, Marketing Director, FOTOJOKER

Q&A session

Integrating offline and online customer loyalty programmes - case study Intersport Poland

  • the role of a loyalty programme in e-commerce strategy
  • promocje wzmacniające lojalność klienta w on-line

Grzegorz Sroga, Loyalty Manager, Intersport Polska

Q&A session

Coffee break and start of the thematic tables

FMCG products on-line: cooperating with e-retailers and an own e-commerce channel: growth perspectives

Moderator: Tomasz Mazur, e-retail Manager, DANONE

Will the inhabitants of Warsaw stop going shopping? The future of reaching out to consumers with e-retailers

  • a store that adjusts itself to the consumer – an individual client instead of a “target group”
  • e-commerce as a channel of knowledge based marketing communication

Grzegorz Bielecki, Member of the Management Board, Operational Director, FRISCO.PL

Q&A session

B2B vs. B2C sales platforms – key differences and good practices on the basis of OBRA implementation

  • differences between business assumptions behind B2B and B2C sales platforms
  • organisational and business changes in the B2B online model
  • the way to success, meaning Innovative e-commerce B2B

Kacper Gugała, Key Account Manager, ORBA

Q&A session

Building the e-commerce channel inside an industrial FMCG organization

  • what the e-commerce channel means for a company and how can it be “positioned” in business
  • what specific tools and resources are required for the channel to become a visible, coherent element of a business
  • functioning models of e-commerce channel in a company and their characteristics

Tomasz Mazur, e-retail Manager, DANONE

Q&A session

Panel discussion: Standardization of activities in the e-commerce channel of retail chains – meaning what do we have to do to achieve harmony in cooperation between the e-retailer and FMCG distributor

  • forms and financial arrangements for cooperation between retail chains and FMCG producer in the on-line channel
  • expectations of chains and producers
  • worked-out standards: what works and which areas require adjustment

Moderator: Tomasz Mazur, e-Retail Manager, DANONE

  • Bożena Nawara, e-Commerce Director, CARREFOUR
  • Grzegorz Bielecki, Member of the Management Board, Operational Director, FRISCO.PL
  • Sebastian Szewczyk, Retail Chain Director, MADEJ WRÓBEL
  • Iwona Wojna, e-Commerce Manager CE, PEPSICO POLAND
  • Dariusz Mitura, e-Commerce Manager, NESTLE PURINA

Coffee break and start of the thematic tables

Thematic tables in the formula of problem-solving are meetings in smaller groups, held in the form of a debate, joint case study analysis or a lecture combined with discussion or exercises . The number of participants at each table is limited and are going to be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Omnichannel reefs – what do we need to keep an eye on while integrating channels – discussion

    Jakub Gierszyński, e-Commerce Director, DECATHLON

  • How to launch a store from A to Z in a large retail corporation – the topic will be confirmed soon.

    Michał Pieprzak, e-Commerce Manager, DR MAX

  • How do you collect data in omnichannel – sharing experiences – discussion

    Bartosz Ratajewski, e-Commerce Director, MEDIA EXPERT

  • Human2human – people vs. technology in building shopping experiences
    • can technology supplant humans in building in-store experiences?
    • how to build symmetry in on-line and off-line experiences
    • role of mobile technologies in customer service – trend or necessity?
    • the role of intra-organizational cooperation and communication in building shopping experiences
    • how to design customer experiences within the framework of sales standards and systems – are there any limits to flexibility?

    Maksymilian Pawłowski, Corporate Communication Manager, LEROY MERLIN

  • Is there any potential for click & collect shopping in grocery sales in Poland
    • lecture combined with a discussion
    • Click and Collect – introduction
    • models, examples
    • potential in Poland – discussion

    Iwona Wojna, e-Commerce Manager CE, PepsiCo Poland

Short break to change sessions


  • The journey of conversion – I know what I’m paying for!

    Patrycja Ścisłowska, Head of Business Development, AWIN

  • Challenges in the area of E-MAIL & SMS faced by „big e-commerce” in 2018
    • change of legal regulations – introducing GDPR/RODO
    • data security – cyber attacks, phising, etc.
    • implementing BIG DATA / CRM – how to successfully complete a project and what to keep in mind?

    Michał Walachowski, Managing Director, EMAILLABS
    Marek Kaczmarek, Marketing Manager, REDLINK

  • Give your customers a channel they want – how to set up omnichannel campaigns today
    • omnichannel doesn’t mean multiple channels only, it’s the possibility of choosing the communication channel or tools by the customer
    • how to set up omnichannel campaigns in a simple way, using existing tools
    • which tools to choose: leaflets? social-media? e-mail? SMS? – or maybe a mobile application?

    Andrzej Ogonowski, Brand and PR Director, SMSAPI

An evening gathering of the Forum’s participants. There’s a surprise waiting for you! You may count on networking, exquisite snacks, tasty cocktails and an informal summary of the first day of the event!

End of the first day of the Forum

Day 2, 19th October 2017

Registration and morning coffee

Welcoming the Participants and a networking session

Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, Project Director, BLUE BUSINESS MEDIA
Paweł Wojciechowski, Business Director, PUBLICIS

Let’s optimize omnichannel!

Moderator: Paweł Wojciechowski, Business Director, PERFORMICS (PUBLICIS MEDIA)

Challenges for the retail industry in a mobile world

Karol Karpiński, Client Solutions Manager CEE, FACEBOOK 
Sebastian Szmigielski, Agency Partner CEE, FACEBOOK

Q&A session

Marketer + AI: How to get greater ROI from your web, mobile and ad channels by leveraging machine learning? case study W.KRUK

  • Is machine learning a buzz word or every-day reality for marketers?
  • How marketers can leverage the AI to drive conversion?
  • How W.KRUK is leveraging AI to boost user engagement?

Kubilay Sengun, Managing Director, Europe, INSIDER
Bartłomiej Twardosz, e-commerce Manager, W. KRUK

Q&A session

Steps in omnichannel strategy implementation

Grzegorz Lipnicki, President, REDAN

Q&A session

Coffee break

Launching a Call center– Eurasia experience in e-commerce growth

  • key features of customer service in China and Russia
  • some typical missteps to avoid for a successful launch

Diana Malysh, Customer Service Specialist

Q&A session

Combining offline and online customer profiles – challenges and opportunities

  • identifying the recipient in offline and online channels
  • challenges of multichannel detalists (collecting information, communication, RODO)
  • Marketing automation in omnichannel

Jarosław Sygitowicz, Cofounder CMO, ZENCARD

Q&A session

“Dovetailing” of sales space, meaning how to be a partner rather than enemies: cooperation between the channels – panel discussion of e-commerce and in-store sales directors

  • Moderator: Paweł Wojciechowski, Business Director, PUBLICIS
  • Michał Przybysz, e-Commerce & Digital Director, IKEA
  • Arkadiusz Ruciński, e-Commerce & Digital Director, LPP
  • Jakub Gierszyński, e-Commerce & Digital Director, DECATHLON
  • Joanna Pustkowska, Retail Sales Director, YES
  • Dorota Wiaderek, Commercial and Marketing Director, SUPER-PHARM POLAND
  • Andrzej Iwan, Digital Manager, AVON

Lunch and splitting into 4 parallel sessions

Conversion up! Tools and strategies increasing e-store conversion

Moderator: Paweł Wojciechowski, Business Director, PUBLICIS

The most important indicators worth monitoring in an e-store and methods of their optimization proven to work in practice

  • strategic data facilitating in making of conscious business decisions
  • chosen external tools that actively support on-line sales development

Ewa Wysmyk, ex e-Commerce Manager, DENI CLER (DCG)

Q&A session

Omnichannel Marketing automation – bridging the gap between offline and online data

Árpád Deák, Sales Director Austria & Eastern Europe, EMARSYS

Q&A session

Coffee break

Combining and using off- and on-line data – the shortest way to increasing the effectiveness of operations

  • Off-line and on-line – two channels or a single customer?
  • 2+2=5 Where to find the biggest potential for growth?

Tomasz Byczyński, Consumer Insights Director, SMYK

Q&A session

How to „flexibly” move the customers between the channels?

  • methods of „following” the consumers and getting hold of them in an appropriate channel (beacons)
  • let’s not be afraid of directing the customers to appropriate channels; stimuli that affect them
  • supporting tools

Karol Bzymek, Digital & IT Manager CEE, YVES ROCHER POLAND

Q&A session

End of the Forum

Shape your customers’ experiences in omnichannel

Moderator: Bartosz Ratajewski, e-Commerce Director, MEDIAEXPERT.PL, ELECTRO.PL, AVANS.PL

What do’s and don’ts the consumer thinks about while doing on-line shopping – a psychological perspective

  • psychological determinants of on- and off-line shopping
  • the psychographic profile of on-line shoppers
  • what happens to the consumer’s psyche during on-line shopping
  • how to influence the consumer’s shopping decisions

Paweł Wójcik, Lecturer / Faculty of Psychology, UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW, Managing Partner, MULLEN LOWE MEDIAHUB

Q&A session

In-store User Experience (UE): challenges and solutions

  • what does the customer expect from us
  • how and what do they look for on a website
  • the most common mistakes undermining UE

Magdalena Staszczyk, Manager e-Commerce, TOUS

Q&A session

Coffee break

CRM in omnichannel

  • does every customer need the same
  • mutual complementation of channels
  • targeted communication

Michał Szlapański, Commercial Director, LEROY MERLIN

Q&A session

What is customer service like in omnichannel – case study RUCH

  • visibility of product range for the on- and off-line customer
  • on-line ordering, off-line receipt and vice versa
  • what is the customer’s understanding of omnichannel service

Dariusz Stolarczyk,Vice President, RUCH

Q&A session

End of the Forum

Strategies of drawing attention, retaining the customers and increasing their spending

Moderator: Marcin Gieracz, Business Director, RUBICOM

How off-line must change to not lose customers

  • what to implement, and what to decline to meet the expectations of the customer
  • what will affect future purchase behavior of different customer groups and how instore has to adjust?

Michał Antczak, Marketing Director, TOP SECRET

Q&A session

From promotion to… promotion – what attracts customers to instore today

Karolina Tomczyk, Marketing Manager, BRANDBQ (MEDICINE)
Ewelina Bajołek, Senior Marketing Specialist, BRANDBQ (MEDICINE)

Q&A session

Coffee break

What on-line can do for off-line and what off-line can do for on-line – how to transform competition between the sales channels into synergy

Searching for the perfect eye-liner – case study based on the implementation of the “Perfect duo” phone application

  • in love, yet demanding – who are our customers? Insights on the target group
  • off-line actions – how to prepare a stand for the mobile application implementation
  • summary of the on-line campaign

Urszula Sypniewska, Marketing and PR Manager, GOLDEN ROSE

Q&A session

Which actions allow us to keep the customer in store for longer periods of time

  • means used by market leaders in attempts to keep the customers in store:
    • product personalization
    • local actions
    • new technologies
    • selling additional products
    • image zones
  • what does a shop environment have to offer that is unattainable in the on-line world and how to best use it
  • omnichannel – how to combine the off- and on-line worlds in the shop environment

Agnieszka Główka, Store Design Manager, SINSAY (LPP)

Q&A session

End of the Forum

From an own on-line sales channel to sales on a B2B platform

Moderator: Tomasz Mazur, e-retail Manager, DANONE

The omnichannel shopper on the FMCG market

Patrycja Herbowska, e-Commerce Project Leader, NIELSEN

Q&A session

Creating solutions supporting e-commerce in an organization

  • which tools to use while monitoring KPI crucial for e-commerce
  • how to build advanced business analytics based on available tools
  • how to effectively manage content in e-commerce
  • which supporting tools does an e-commerce team require to effectively manage their sales channel

Justyna Dziegieć, Head of e-Commerce, L'ORÉAL POLAND AND BALTIC

Q&A session

Coffee break

Impulse purchases in an e-store
case study Wrigley

  • the place and function of an e-store in a FMCG organization
  • ways of reaching the customer
  • cooperation between producers and retail chains’ e-stores

Adam Libera, Category Development Director, WRIGLEY POLAND

Q&A session

Effective B2B e-commerce and e-marketing to independent FMCG retailers

Andrzej Szałowski, Marketing Director, EUROCASH DYSTRYBUCJA
Piotr Stasiak, Head of e-Commerce, EUROCASH DYSTRYBUCJA

Q&A session

The role and challenges of an eCommerce manager in an FMCG organisation

Grzegorz Gęsik-Rudnicki, e-Commerce Director, COCA-COLA HELLENIC

Q&A session

End of the Forum